Coming Soon! New Propagation Kit!

dp90 propagation kitDue to the popularity of our Secret Jardin DP90 Propagation Grow Tent, the X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator range and the Maxibright PL2 Propagation Light, we have decided to put together an all inclusive Aeroponic Propagation Kit! The propagation kit will include the DP90 90x60x90cm Grow Tent, PL2 110watt Propagation Light, pair of EZ Rollers retractable light hanging kit, high quality Grasslin timer for the PL2 Propagation light, 50watt tank heater for the X-Stream, 6inch clip on fan for the minimal amount of ventilation required, digital hygrometer for monitoring temperature and humidity and a choice of either the 20 site/plant or 40 site/plant X-Stream Aeroponic Propogator.

We have been using the above kit in store to produce all of our seedlings and cuttings, and this kit has proven to be a cost-effective, space saving and highly productive propagation package!

Check the propagation section of our website for listing of this amazing little package

Somerset Hydroponics Growing Update

Further to our previous blog regarding the release of our new DutchPro Nutrient range; we are currently propagating small leaf basil seeds in the X-stream 20 Site Aeroponic propagator which will then be transplanted into the SureGrow4 SG70 NFT Growing System; the basil will then be fed the complete range of DutchPro Nutrients. This will be our first in-store test of this highly requested nutrient brand. We have chosen small leaf basil as our test plants due to the low, yet precise feeding requirements of the plant which will very quickly show us how well formulated the DutchPro Nutrient range is (We are expecting to see nothing but good things!) We have chosen the SureGrow4 SG70 NFT system as it is ideally suited to small/medium vigorously growing plants. We will keep you updated weekly!

Propagating small-leaf Basil seeds.

Basil seeds propagating in the (clear-display) X-Stream 20 site Aeroponic Propagator within the Secret Jardin DP90 propagation grow tent. Lighting used: Maxibright PL2 Propagation grow light.

 We will also be further testing this excellent nutrient range by growing tomato plants in Coco growing medium within a Wilma 10-pot Dripper growing system. This will be a growing test utilizing all of the equipment supplied with our Wilma10 System + DS120 Grow Tent Hydroponic Grow Kit

The 10plant wilma dripper_DS120 grow kit is our most popular growing kit sold in-store and online. Retailing at £490.00

The 10plant wilma dripper_DS120 grow kit is our most popular growing kit sold in-store and online. Retailing at £490.00