Newsletter Jan/Feb 2014

Hi all,

Welcome to the first Somerset Hydroponics newsletter of 2014! (skip to the bottom of this blog for Discount code info if you are in a rush!)


Over the last three months we have been very busy! Our growing demo Wilma10 Hydroponic Grow Kit with DS120 Grow Tent  has been very successful with our out-of-season indoor Capsicum Pepper crop (see photos below) It never ceases to amaze us how productive the Wilma Dripper system can be, and with only a 250-400watt Maxibright Digilight lighting system to provide all the required light and heat through the cold months, we really were surprised with the abundance of peppers we received with minimum effort!

We have started a new crop of Cayenne Chilli Peppers in our purpose built ‘ SomHydro Pro 18 plant NFT system (see photos below) within the Secret Jardin DR300W grow tent and so far everything is looking great. Taking into account that temperatures are still far from an acceptable level for optimum growth, we can only hope that our efforts are as rewarding as with the little  Capsicum crop!

Look closely and you will see an abundance of green peppers!

Look closely and you will see an abundance of green peppers!


Small (at this point) but perfectly formed! Green changed to Red within two weeks of this photo!

Small (at this point) but perfectly formed! Green changed to Red within two weeks of this photo!











Cayenne seedlings at the beginning of December 2013

Cayenne seedlings at the beginning of December 2013

Cayenne Peppers two months later looking great (but a little untidy!) the first signs of fruit forming are a reassurance!

Cayenne Peppers two months (end January 2014) later looking great (but a little untidy!) the first signs of fruit forming are a reassurance!












We have yet again had a little move around in-store to be able to place a permanent IWS Flood & Drain System and an IWS Deep Water Culture System on display due to popular demand for these amazing growing systems. We will soon introduce an IWS flood and Drain system into our DR300W demo growing tent to be able to show you exactly how to set-up, use, and achieve maximum results from this increasingly popular novice-pro growing system!

In other news! We have had an amazing response to our Somerset Hydroponics store on Amazon which now holds over 700 products for you to purchase simply and securely. The response from our Amazon customers has been so good that we felt it would be a great idea to place a link here for you to see what our Amazon customers think of our great service and products Somerset Hydroponics Amazon customer feedback. It is only a matter of time before you will be able to find us on Ebay and Gumtree, so check back often for relevant notifications.


We are now stocking the new range of high quality Rhino in-line RVK single speed, twin speed and thermostatically controlled fans and complete Rhino ventilation kits from the world leaders in grow room carbon filter technology… RHINO!.

Rhino Single Speed RVK Fan

Rhino Single Speed RVK Fan

Rhino Ventilation Kit

Rhino Ventilation Kits













Other new products include the awesome Magnum XXL Reflector, the worlds largest air-cooled reflector. This reflector is available with either a 150mm or 200mm spigot for attachment to a relevant sized RVK fan. We are also supplying this reflector as a complete Magnum grow light kit with Maxibright 100ow  Compact ballast or Magnum grow light kit with Maxibright 1000w Pro-Select Digital ballast . Other lighting kits are available with this amazing reflector so please relevant website listings.

We have too many new products to list here, so please follow this link for our full New Product listing’s!

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Well “that’s all folks”..we hope you have enjoyed reading this Newsletter and hope that you take advantage of your discount code to grab yourself a bargain. We look forward to seeing you in-store soon..until then, stay warm and dry and here’s looking forward to Spring/Summer!

Best regards from Lee & team Somhydro :)

Setup and use of a Wilma Dripper System

Further to our previous blog; we think it is time to give you a little more in-depth information regarding the set-up and use of the Atami Wilma range of Dripper growing systems. Wilma Dripper systems work simply via a water pump supplying nutrient/water to the growing pots which then drains through the growing medium/pot with the excess nutrient/water draining back into the nutrient tank below the growing tray to repeat the process. Any growing medium can be used in a dripper growing system but generally either coco (coir), expanded clay pebbles or soils are used. Obviously if using soil as the growing medium, you will not be growing Hydroponic plants!

Set up and use of a Wilma Dripper system is very simple (we will assume at this point that you have already cultivated your seedlings or cuttings in a suitable growing medium and to a size ready for transplanting):

1)     Choose your growing medium type and fill the Wilma pots (if using soil or coco we recommend placing an inch of clay pebbles at the base of pot to aide with drainage)

2)     Transplant your seedlings or cuttings into the Wilma pots full of relevant growing medium.

3)     Connect dripper stakes (two types are supplied: 4mm Blue stakes for clay pebbles and Black stakes for coco or soil) to the 4mm dripper line and then connect the supply water pump to the grey plastic delivery tube. Plug your pump into an analogue or digital timer;  but do not turn the pump on just yet!

4)     Now fill the tank with water and add your chosen liquid plant feed at the correct dilution stated on the bottle, or for the size or age of plants to be transplanted into your Wilma system. We recommend using an EC meter for accurate monitoring/dosing of your nutrient strength.

5)     When nutrients have been added to the tank, ensure that you have mixed the solution thoroughly by hand or by using a secondary pump in the tank as a circulation/mixing pump.

6)     Now check the pH of your solution. We recommend using a pH meter for monitoring and dosing of pH acids to maintain as neutral a pH solution as possible, but this can also be done using a simple pH liquid test kit. Please see our FAQ section on our website for more information regarding general recommended nutrient strengths and pH levels in Hydroponics. Monitoring and adjusting of nutrient strength and pH should ideally be a daily task but this will obviously be a personal decision for some gardeners depending on how often they can access, or want to access, the grow room! As an experienced recommendation; if you want maximum results from your Hydroponic plants then make nutrient and pH monitoring/dosing a daily task.

7)     Now it is time to set the timer for your supply water pump. We recommend setting the timer to switch on the supply pump for fifteen minutes every two or three hours. Although this does not seem as if your plants will be receiving much water/nutrient, this is the ideal watering/feeding schedule to encourage your plants to produce new roots and a larger root mass.

8)     That’s it! ..plug your pump and timer into the socket and switch on! Your Wilma Dripper growing system is now operational and now only requires you to top-up the nutrient tank when necessary and monitor nutrient strength and pH!

There are many growing tips I have learnt over the years for the Wilma growing systems, but I wanted to keep this blog short enough to cover the set-up and use please leave a comment or a question if you would like me to continue adding information for this type of growing system!