Coming Soon! New Propagation Kit!

dp90 propagation kitDue to the popularity of our Secret Jardin DP90 Propagation Grow Tent, the X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator range and the Maxibright PL2 Propagation Light, we have decided to put together an all inclusive Aeroponic Propagation Kit! The propagation kit will include the DP90 90x60x90cm Grow Tent, PL2 110watt Propagation Light, pair of EZ Rollers retractable light hanging kit, high quality Grasslin timer for the PL2 Propagation light, 50watt tank heater for the X-Stream, 6inch clip on fan for the minimal amount of ventilation required, digital hygrometer for monitoring temperature and humidity and a choice of either the 20 site/plant or 40 site/plant X-Stream Aeroponic Propogator.

We have been using the above kit in store to produce all of our seedlings and cuttings, and this kit has proven to be a cost-effective, space saving and highly productive propagation package!

Check the propagation section of our website for listing of this amazing little package

Newsletter 31/07/13

Welcome to our new newsletter format!

The UK Summer is here at last! (Kinda..!!) The main concern for most indoor gardeners will currently be temperature within the grow room. Due to the recent hot snap in the UK we have received hundreds of phone calls from desperate gardeners asking what can be done to lower temperature in their grow room, and for lowering the nutrient temperature within a nutrient/water tank. Below is a list of options to help maintain a better temperature for healthy plant growth until the outside temperature begins to drop and then in turn drops inside temperature.

*Note: The indoor gardener should always be realistic about what can be achieved when attempting to reduce temperature in a grow room in the summer months, especially when using multiple grow lights!

Things to consider:

All of the above will at least give you alternatives to consider to help maintain a better temperature within the grow room and grow tank(s) without having to consider completely shutting down your grow room for the summer months!

SomHydro News

We have recently developed a professional NFT Growing System which we are currently testing in our Secret Jardin DR300W Grow Tent. This growing system will suit novice and expert Hydroponic growers alike. We are all very excited about this system as we have personal experience with using the commercial grade Suregrow NFT channelling utilised in this system. The channelling has a proven track record for vigorous plant growth and high yield potential. Check our blog regularly for updates and the release date of this system!

SomHydro NFT 18

10% Online discount code 

As with every previous news letter, we offer you a discount code for use when shopping on our website, this offer is now also open to our blog readers! To receive 10% off of any online order simply enter the code SOMHYDRO7 at the checkout when placing an order through our website. This offer is open only to UK customers and is valid from 31/7/2013 until the 14/08/2013 (Discount does not include delivery charge). This code can be used as many times as you wish throughout the valid period. 

That’s it for this quarterly newsletter folks! We hope our regular newsletter followers prefer the Blog format ..we certainly do!!

Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you all at the store soon ..Best regards Lee :)

Setup and use of a Wilma Dripper System

Further to our previous blog; we think it is time to give you a little more in-depth information regarding the set-up and use of the Atami Wilma range of Dripper growing systems. Wilma Dripper systems work simply via a water pump supplying nutrient/water to the growing pots which then drains through the growing medium/pot with the excess nutrient/water draining back into the nutrient tank below the growing tray to repeat the process. Any growing medium can be used in a dripper growing system but generally either coco (coir), expanded clay pebbles or soils are used. Obviously if using soil as the growing medium, you will not be growing Hydroponic plants!

Set up and use of a Wilma Dripper system is very simple (we will assume at this point that you have already cultivated your seedlings or cuttings in a suitable growing medium and to a size ready for transplanting):

1)     Choose your growing medium type and fill the Wilma pots (if using soil or coco we recommend placing an inch of clay pebbles at the base of pot to aide with drainage)

2)     Transplant your seedlings or cuttings into the Wilma pots full of relevant growing medium.

3)     Connect dripper stakes (two types are supplied: 4mm Blue stakes for clay pebbles and Black stakes for coco or soil) to the 4mm dripper line and then connect the supply water pump to the grey plastic delivery tube. Plug your pump into an analogue or digital timer;  but do not turn the pump on just yet!

4)     Now fill the tank with water and add your chosen liquid plant feed at the correct dilution stated on the bottle, or for the size or age of plants to be transplanted into your Wilma system. We recommend using an EC meter for accurate monitoring/dosing of your nutrient strength.

5)     When nutrients have been added to the tank, ensure that you have mixed the solution thoroughly by hand or by using a secondary pump in the tank as a circulation/mixing pump.

6)     Now check the pH of your solution. We recommend using a pH meter for monitoring and dosing of pH acids to maintain as neutral a pH solution as possible, but this can also be done using a simple pH liquid test kit. Please see our FAQ section on our website for more information regarding general recommended nutrient strengths and pH levels in Hydroponics. Monitoring and adjusting of nutrient strength and pH should ideally be a daily task but this will obviously be a personal decision for some gardeners depending on how often they can access, or want to access, the grow room! As an experienced recommendation; if you want maximum results from your Hydroponic plants then make nutrient and pH monitoring/dosing a daily task.

7)     Now it is time to set the timer for your supply water pump. We recommend setting the timer to switch on the supply pump for fifteen minutes every two or three hours. Although this does not seem as if your plants will be receiving much water/nutrient, this is the ideal watering/feeding schedule to encourage your plants to produce new roots and a larger root mass.

8)     That’s it! ..plug your pump and timer into the socket and switch on! Your Wilma Dripper growing system is now operational and now only requires you to top-up the nutrient tank when necessary and monitor nutrient strength and pH!

There are many growing tips I have learnt over the years for the Wilma growing systems, but I wanted to keep this blog short enough to cover the set-up and use please leave a comment or a question if you would like me to continue adding information for this type of growing system!


Tomato Growing Demo Update! 2.5

Sixteen days forward from our last blog, and we don’t think we need to tell you that our Golden Crown Tomato’s are doing fine from looking at the photos below and the photos from previous blogs. The plants have started to produce flowers and I don’t think it will be very long before we see fruit beginning to form.

A customer at our store has asked why we haven’t written more in-depth information regarding the Golden Crown tomato and any relevant growth and fruiting information; very simply this is because the plant variety is not the focus of this growing demo/blog, it is merely the chosen plant to show the benefits of our Wilma10 system with a DS120 Grow Tent growing package and all the associated nutrients and equipment used.

We would always expect the gardener to learn as much as possible about they’re chosen plant and its relevant growing phases, we are here to help you obtain maximum results from the equipment and products used to grow your plants!

DSC01004 DSC01003 DSC01005

Tomato Growing Demo Update!

Nine days forward from our previous blog; the Golden Crown tomato plants vegetative growth is extremely vigorous and the plants are noticeably bigger as you can see from the images below! Although our Wilma10 system with a DS120 Grow Tent package comes complete with a 600w High Pressure Sodium Grow Light (primarily red spectrum to maximize flowering output in this size tent), for the purpose of our in-store demo we are utilising a 400w Sunmaster Metal Halide (primarily blue spectrum output) lamp/grow light to maximize vegetative growth. The plants in general are responding extremely well to the DutchPro range of nutrients and enhancers and we will keep you updated over the coming weeks.

You will also notice that we have placed a couple of young Dorset Naga Chilli Plants in the grow tent, which will be transplanted into an AutoPot Growing System and then these will soon be placed into our main in-store growing tent, the Secret Jardin DR300W.

DS120_grow_kit_1-010713 DS120_grow_kit_2-010713 DS120_grow_kit_3-010713

New In-Store Growing Demo

We have recently added a new in-store demonstration growing tent utilising our Wilma10 System with a DS120 Grow Tent Hydroponic Grow Kit. Our chosen plants for this demonstration growing kit are Golden Crown tomatoes (Solanum Lycopersicum) which are a relatively vigorous cherry tomato from Eastern Europe, where it is known as Goldkrone. The roundish golden yellow fruit are early to mature and measure about 30mm in diameter. They have both a sweet taste and a juicy texture that come together in a serendipitous combination that makes them a delectable treat.

As supplied with the growing kit, we are using coco (Coir) growing medium and Dutch Pro Coco nutrients combined with Dutch Pro Take Root rooting stimulator and Dutch Pro Multi Total growing medium conditioner/growth enhancer. The tomato plants are just over three weeks old from seed; and as you can see from the images below, they are extremely healthy, and overall growth is vigorous!

We will update progress weekly with images and relevant growing information.

DS120_grow_kit 0021 DS120_grow_kit 0051 DS120_grow_kit 0091

Protect your space against the risk of fire with a Mabo Fire Extinguisher – Ideal for enclosed spaces!


MABO introduces a revolution in grow room, home, and office fire extinguishers!
What makes the MABO so effective?

The MABO recognizes an increase in the room temperature caused by fire. When the temperature reaches 84 degrees the liquid inside the MABO is atomized causing the ampule to burst and scatter over a large area, even when no one is about the MABO will give total fire protection and peace of mind. One MABO will cover an area of 12 to 16 sq. mtrs. The action of the MABO is completely automatic and maintenance free, just fit and forget, your room is covered.


The MABO contains a solution with a unique patented formula that immediately after activation becomes a gas. This gas has a reaction with the burning material which immediately extinguishes the fire. By cooling and smothering the flame, the MABO also contains a retardant to prevent the fire from re-igniting. The released gas is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment, easy to clean away, does not damaged materials, equipment or plants and cannot cause a short circuit in live equipment.


  • Suitable for extinguishing Class A, B and C fires
  • MABO one per 12-16m closed or semi-open space
  • Disappears within seconds
  • Prevents re-ignition
  • Ecological fluid harmless to humans, animals and environment friendly
  • No short circuit hazard (safe to use around live electricity)
  • Easy to clean away
  • Tested and approved according to EC standards 67/548/EEC
  • Small dimensions and weight incl. holder 1kg
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maintenance free (requires no servicing)
  • Product Life is a minimum of 10 years
  • The MABO is a fully automatic fire extinguisher


The MABO is compact, maintenance free and easy to assemble. Protect your environment and place a MABO on the wall or ceiling, anywhere a fire could occur.

The summer is here… And so are the pests!

With the recent seasonal increase in temperature and unfortunately the continuing wet weather, gardeners will be experiencing a rise in numbers of the most common indoor/greenhouse pests. The general temperature increase combined with grow-room heat and higher than seasonally average humidity, makes ideal living and egg-laying conditions for our most troublesome grow room pests. This means that you should be paying particular attention to temperature and humidity control within the grow room.

Red Spotted Spider Mite

Red Spotted Spider Mites thrive at this time of year, and numbers can increase explosively if not spotted early enough or are left untreated. For killing the your  number one enemy, we recommend Plant Vitality+ Plus. Not only will  this product kill the adult Spider Mite, it will also kill the egg, and the larvae. Another benefit of this product is that it is formulated with a stress-relieving growth enhancer that will help your plants recover from the stress of the Spider Mite’s attack.

Spider Mite Img

Blown up image of a Red Spotted SpidermitePlant Vitality Plus Spray

Fungus Gnat (Sciarid Fly)

Also at this time of year, Fungus Gnats (Sciarid Fly) numbers can also increase explosively for the same reasons as above. This is a particular concern to you if you are using soil or coco (coir) as the chosen growing medium. Initially the adult Fungus Gnat causes little problem in the grow room until they lay their eggs. This is when the problem starts! Once the Fungus Gnat larvae have left it’s egg, it will then make it’s way through your growing medium eating your plant-roots which the damage can then cause rapid root rot (Pythium). To combat the adult Fungus Gnat, we recommend sticky traps; and to kill the Fungus Gnat larvae, we recommend Gnat Off. If Fungus Gnats have already caused damage to the root system (tell tale sign – a nasty rotting smell from the base of the pot) of your favourite plants, we also recommend Guard’n'Aid Rot Stop (Roots).


Fungus Gnat Img

Blown up image of a Fungus Gnat


Gnat Off

Somerset Hydroponics Growing Update

Further to our previous blog regarding the release of our new DutchPro Nutrient range; we are currently propagating small leaf basil seeds in the X-stream 20 Site Aeroponic propagator which will then be transplanted into the SureGrow4 SG70 NFT Growing System; the basil will then be fed the complete range of DutchPro Nutrients. This will be our first in-store test of this highly requested nutrient brand. We have chosen small leaf basil as our test plants due to the low, yet precise feeding requirements of the plant which will very quickly show us how well formulated the DutchPro Nutrient range is (We are expecting to see nothing but good things!) We have chosen the SureGrow4 SG70 NFT system as it is ideally suited to small/medium vigorously growing plants. We will keep you updated weekly!

Propagating small-leaf Basil seeds.

Basil seeds propagating in the (clear-display) X-Stream 20 site Aeroponic Propagator within the Secret Jardin DP90 propagation grow tent. Lighting used: Maxibright PL2 Propagation grow light.

 We will also be further testing this excellent nutrient range by growing tomato plants in Coco growing medium within a Wilma 10-pot Dripper growing system. This will be a growing test utilizing all of the equipment supplied with our Wilma10 System + DS120 Grow Tent Hydroponic Grow Kit

The 10plant wilma dripper_DS120 grow kit is our most popular growing kit sold in-store and online. Retailing at £490.00

The 10plant wilma dripper_DS120 grow kit is our most popular growing kit sold in-store and online. Retailing at £490.00