Newsletter September 2014

Hi all,

Welcome to our September 2014 newsletter!  (skip to the bottom of this blog for Discount code info if you are in a rush!)


Firstly; Our apologies for our quarterly newsletter being a month late! This is due to a huge amount of admin work from Somerset Hydroponics recently becoming Somerset Hydroponics Limited! Although on the face of things becoming a Ltd company will not change anything regarding our highly efficient service and competitive sales efforts, it will mean in the future that we can offer a greater number of products, brands and deals. So on the whole becoming a limited company will benefit everyone concerned..happy days!

Further to our previous newsletter regarding the build of our new website; We are now only a matter of weeks away from release, so please check back often to see the new and improved !!

In-store we have been busy bringing on our Cayenne Chilli plants with our IWS 12 pot Flood & Drain growing system within our Secret Jardin DR300w grow tent (see previous June 25th blog) The plants have grown so well and fast that we cannot recommend the benefits of the IWS range of Flood & Drain systems enough! We are still currently using two Maxibright 400watt Pro-Variable DigiLight Air-Cooled Supernova grow lights with metal Halide lamps, but will soon be switching these out for two Sunmaster Hobby 600w Variable Digital Air-Cooled Goldstar Digital grow light’s with HPS lamps.  As soon as the seedlings had established themselves on Formulex full spectrum nutrient, we began to feed with the Plant Magic Plus range of nutrients. I think you can clearly see from the images below that the Cayennes are extremely happy!

August 2014: 

instore 04-09-14 002

instore 04-09-14 001

July 2014:

cayenne peppers 11-07-14 003cayenne peppers 11-07-14 001

Our other in-store demo grow tent has had a major upgrade in lighting! We have now installed a Gavita 300 LEP plasma grow light into our Secret Jardin DS120 grow tent . Our little Mint seedlings are growing under one of the highest specification grow lights in the world and are responding amazingly. We will update as time rolls on!

instore 04-09-14 005

instore 04-09-14 003


Due to the popularity of our Rhino Single Speed Fan & Carbon Filter Kits  we are now offering Rhino Twin Speed Fan and Carbon Filter kits and Rhino Thermostatically Controlled Fans and Carbon Filter Kits. All kits are available in the most popular sized fan and filter combinations and offer Rhino’s usual high quality build, efficiency and value for money!

Rhino Ventilation Kit

Rhino Ventilation Kit

Rhino Twin Speed Fan

Rhino Twin Speed Fan


Copy of Rhino_thermostat_fan

Rhino Thermostatically Controlled Fan


Following on from the success of Plant Magic Plus’s amazing nutrient range they have now released Platinum a premium grade super-booster for flowering or fruiting plants. This has already proved to be an award winning super booster and is quickly out-selling many other premium boosters that we supply!


We have recently added more new products in-store and online, so please check our New Products section often to stay up-to-date with all the latest growing equipment!



 Now to the part of the blog that may be of most interest to you!.. The quarterly discount code to use when shopping on our website! To receive a 10%  off of any on-line order (online only) simply enter the code SOMSEPT at the checkout when placing an order through our website. This code can be used as many times as you wish throughout the valid period. This offer is open to UK customers only and is valid from 04/09/14 until the 30/09/14 (Discount does not include delivery charges and is not open to any current personal quote created for a customer)

Well “that’s all folks”..we hope you have enjoyed reading this Newsletter and hope that you take advantage of your discount code to grab yourself a bargain.

Best regards from Lee & team Somhydro :)

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